The upcycling project, a part of the multifaceted world of Dejamis, is born from an idea of Maria Paola Pedetta and entails the aesthetic and ethical recovery of existing furs to give them new life through thoughtful and responsible recycling.

The idea of #nonewfur addresses the difficult issue of using furs in a market that is increasingly faced with the demand of avoiding the use animal-derived materials and the common sense of reclaiming pre-owned products left in our mothers’ and grandmothers’ wardrobes.

There is no need for new production if there are quality materials which can be given new meaning though the creative act of using textile fragments, precious trimmings, velvet ribbons and inserts of Kantha, the Indian silk that is also recovered from ancient saris.

We offer a special tailoring service on request that brings back the sartorial contact between the client and the designer, making the contemporary concept of upcycling precious and special.

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